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Rattan Student Council



Rattan Elementary Student Council

Rattan Elementary Student Council is a group that is made up of student representatives from each class in grades 4-5.

Members of the Student Council learn about setting an agenda, brainstorming ideas, and problem-solving.  We also learn about voting, advertising, citizenship skills, community service and teamwork. All of these important skills help representatives to become well-rounded school leaders.

Student Council is responsible for a variety of school events/projects including morning announcements, assisting in school events & programs, planning Spirit Weeks, sponsoring and volunteering for community projects, and fundraising. 

We thank our veteran's each year by serving a brunch after our annual Veteran's Day Program. Keep a lookout for our activities so you can participate with us. 

Student Council is a great opportunity to become more involved in your school, the community and the world!

Staff Sponsors:

Miss Massey, School Counselor- Co-Leader 

Mrs. Griffith, 3rd grade Teacher- Co-Leader

Mrs. Parsons- 5th Grade Rep 

Mrs. McGehee- 4th Grade Rep

Mrs. Gleason- 3rd Grade Rep

Miss Clendennen- 2nd Grade Rep

Ms. Coffee- 1st Grade Rep

Mrs. Nitson- Kinder Rep