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Coyote Packs



Do you know students that need food at home?

Anna ISD Coyote Packs is a local coalition of community advocates coming together to bring food to the children of Anna ISD over the weekend who are on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program. We will depend on the local community to volunteer their time and services to make this happen for our children. We will survive on local grants, donations, and community support to make this program a reality.

During the school week, most of these children depend on the federal free and reduced meal program that our school offers. Sometimes, the meals at school are the only ones they get. When the school closes its doors on Friday afternoon, many of these children go home to empty cupboards and empty bellies for 65 hours until they return to school on Monday morning. Many kids wonder who will feed them this weekend? We are just starting this program, but our plan is to ensure these children that they will not go hungry over the weekend.

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